Preparatory Conference on 2nd Edition of Africa Health ExCon

During Preparatory Conference on 2nd Edition of Africa Health ExCon
Maj. Gen. Dr. Bahaa El-Din Zidan: Egypt Successfully Inaugurated Africa Health ExCon the 1st sustainable Business Platform For Healthcare Sector in the African Continent
UPA Chairman: Exchanging Expertise and Opportunities with African Countries Is Our Target Towards Unflappable Healthcare sector
EDA Chairman: Africa Health ExCon is rendered Prominent Opportunity for Egyptian Pharmaceutical Companies to Extend Their Exports To African Countries
GAH Chairman: We anticipate tremendous success of the 2nd edition of Africa Health ExCon, significantly steering Intra-African trade, Cooperation, and Investment Ahead
Ministry of Health Spokesperson: We coordinate the joint efforts with UPA Towards Africa Health ExCon Success, framing sustainable healthcare services in Africa
The Egyptian Authority for Unified Procurement (UPA) organized preparatory meeting to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of Africa Health ExCon 2023, under the theme of “Your Gate To Innovation & Trade”. Under the patronage of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, the event will take place during the period from June 7th to 10th in Cairo.
Major General Dr. Bahaa El-Din Zidan, UPA Chairman, stated that Egypt successfully inaugurated Africa Health ExCon to be the first-ever sustainable business platform for healthcare sector in the African continent. Such success isn’t only attributed to the organizing entity, but also to all the government bodies participating in the event, namely the ministries of Defense, Finance, Health, Higher Education, Communications, Immigration, Foreign Affairs, The Egyptian Drug Authority, General Authority for Healthcare, General Authority for Healthcare Accreditation and Regulation and Universal health insurance Authority; paying tribute to their effective part with regard to organizing the largest event ever in Africa,
In his remarks, he emphasized on the importance of Africa Health ExCon in fostering a unified vision for the healthcare sector in Africa, while bringing an opportunity to exchange expertise and knowledge in healthcare. Hence, major global medical companies keenly look forward to taking part in the event to explore the available investment and trade opportunities in Africa’s healthcare sector.
He also highlighted the competitiveness and attractiveness of the foreign investment opportunities in Africa’s healthcare sector, being a vital sector. He also stated that Egypt pursues experience exchanging and carrying out joint investments with all the African neighboring countries to establish unflappable healthcare system to address the epidemiological outbreaks and chronic diseases.
Dr. Bahaa also expected that the upcoming edition of Africa Health ExCon would bring together more than 60,000 attendees and delegates from over 100 countries. Further, this edition will also witness the presence of about 3,000 ministers, C-suite officials, delegates, decision makers, and industry leaders in Africa and Middle East region, as they will discuss the constraints facing the medical sector in the African countries, as well as exploring the investment opportunities; as most of the African countries are still in the recovery phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and the repercussions of tropical and infectious diseases. Additionally, they will explore ways of strengthening intra- African cooperation to enable the access to the essential healthcare services, pharmaceuticals and vaccines to the African countries.
On the other hand, Dr. Tamer Essam, Chairman of Egyptian Drug Authority, stated that Africa Health ExCon has been considered a major opportunity for the Egyptian drug producers, as African market bring an attractive investment edge regarding pharmaceuticals, care services and medical supplies of all types.
He added that the 2nd edition of Africa Health ExCon would outline the milestones that have been turned into realities since the success if the 1st edition in identifying the necessities of reforming and upgrading the healthcare system in Africa, highlighting that Africa Health ExCon has been rendered a sustainable platform for communicating all the upgrades in the health sector. Such big event contributes to setting a unified vision and coordinating effective dialogue for experience exchanging, as well as supporting innovation and scientific research in both health and pharmaceutical sectors. This is in addition to stimulating the intra-African trade of essential products of pharmaceutical industries and medical supplies.
At the same context, Dr. Ahmed Al-Sobky, Chairman of the General Authority for Healthcare (GAH), Assistant Minister of Health and Population, General Supervisor of the Comprehensive Health Insurance Project, recalled the unprecedented success of the first edition of Africa Health ExCon 2022, hosting more than 24 scientific conferences, 350 sessions, featuring 740 international speakers.
He also anticipated tremendous success of the 2nd edition of Africa Health ExCon, significantly steering intra-African trade, cooperation, and investment ahead, lauding UPA’s leading role in Africa concerning technologies and advanced medical supplies.
He also referred to the challenges facing Africa with regard to overpopulation, poverty, lack of education, and political instability, which led to turbulence in managing the healthcare system in Africa. Accordingly, Egypt took the lead in developing this system driven by the joint efforts between the African countries.
On the other side, Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Hossam Abdel Gaffar, referred to the mutual efforts exerted by both the Ministry and the UPA to propel the success of the second edition of Africa Health ExCon, which Egypt can witness its beneficial outcomes, aspiring that the upcoming edition would be much better than the first one. He also stressed on the role of the Ministry, in coordination with the UPA to drive sustainability in the healthcare sector, and scaling up the expertise required in the continent to leverage on resilient healthcare system, especially after the global economies became sluggish because of the pandemic.

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